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7 slow and painful deaths by regexp

Catch more than half of these issues by testing, auditing and code reviews

My article about regexp on PullReview‘s blog is there to encourage

— to learn them before actually using them.
— to learn them before actually learning them the “hard” way in production
— to take a look at alternative to implement the feature without regular expressions (or the one used by your stdlib, language)
— if you use regex, understand the risks
— if you use regex, please write tests for you and your coworkers
— if you use regex, please audit your code (automatically and by human code review)


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Security for dummies

A presentation on web application security given for lunch.
Too long didn’t read ? Just pick the slide 38.

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How do you puppet ?

Infrastructure as Code : lessons learned.

Raise your #Reproducibility, #Maintainability, #Testability, #Reusability up to 98%.

Prepared and presented for the Tech Talk #1 @ ICAB thanks to 8thcolor.

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